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Hughes, Stuart Hughes at acer.edu.au
Wed Nov 15 11:25:46 EST 2006

Dear subscribers to Ed-Lib

Just a note to let you know a couple of the Cunningham Library's
databases have been updated:

EdResearch Online
245 new records for Australian journal articles - there are now 13659
records in the database that can be purchased online for $22.00 and
dispatched to your email account. We are getting regular new clearances
from the Copyright Agency, so as well as the material listed in the new
additions the amount of older material in the database is also growing -
see the journals list.

Education Research Theses (ERT)
60 new records for theses. 13085 theses are currently listed in the
database. There having been no objections when we sought feedback on
including theses on Australian education topics presented at overseas
universities, we will start noting selected overseas theses in ERT from
January 2007 onwards. We'd be happy to hear details of any that you
aware of.

Database of Research on International Education
76 new records on international education - there are now over 5900
records in DRIE, on all aspects of international/export/transnational
education and international students. There is no charge to search the
Database of Research on International Education. ACER produces this
database under contract for Australian Education International at DEST,
who make it freely available to search on their website.

In all, 609 new records were created for the Australian Education Index
for October, 141 of them for online documents. These records have been
dispatched to vendors for uploading into the various versions of the



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