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Hughes, Stuart Hughes at acer.edu.au
Thu Apr 23 12:17:51 EST 2009

Dear subscribers to Ed-Lib

Just a note to let you know the Cunningham Library's databases have been

Education Research Theses (ERT)
68 new records for theses. Over 14400 theses are now listed in ERT, 1670
of them available online. Details of new (or newly digitised) theses are
welcome all year round, email ert at acer.edu.au with questions and

IDP Database of Research on International Education
103 new records on international education - there are now over 8000
records in DRIE, on all aspects of international/export/transnational
education and international students. The Database now has a Twitter
page which will be used to **selectively** mention new publications that
are identified between the updates, as indexing proceeds (with a note
when the Database itself is updated). See http://twitter.com/idpdrie to
"follow", RSS, or just bookmark, these posts.

EdResearch Online
60 new records for Australian journal articles - there are now 22000
articles in the database that can be purchased online for $22.00 and
dispatched to your email account. As well as the pay-per-view material,
the database also includes a further 4700 fulltext articles from freely
accessible Australian education e-journals. There are now over 26800
articles listed in EdResearch Online. Older material is being
progressively included as journals place their back issues online and as
our back-scanning programs continues.

Australian Education Index (AEI)
798 new records were created for the Australian Education Index (and A+)
in March, over 190 of them online fulltext documents. These records have
been dispatched to vendors for uploading into the various versions of
the AEI.



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t: 03 9277 5546
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e: hughes at acer.edu.au

A+Education, the plus-text Australian Education Index
*	Access to over 48,000 fulltext documents on Australian
*	Search over 172,000 documents on Australian education.
*	See http://www.informit.com.au/plustext_AEIPT.html for a trial
and quote.

Ask your librarian about using A+Education today! 

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