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Dear All:

Thank you for your assistance. It seems that almost all Internet references 
to George William Rasch go back to Lina Olsen's Dissertation at 

So I checked with her. She writes:

Dear Mike
Yes, I can confirm that. I got the information about Georg Rasch's middle 
name, William, and his father's first name, Vilhelm, from a Danish 
encyclopaedia (Dansk biografisk leksikon).
Best wishes, lina

So I googled: "dansk biografisk leksikon rasch georg"

And found what appears to be the only entry on the Internet independent of 
Olsen's work: http://www.henrikkragh.dk/hom/dbl.html (cached text)

Matematikere og matematik-relaterede personer fra Dansk Biografisk Leksikon 
Rasch, Georg William 1901-1980

Instances in his correspondence have been found in which Rasch identifies 
himself as Georg, George, GR and G. Rasch - but nothing, even on 
semi-official documents, with a middle name. So if anyone finds anything in 
which Georg Rasch uses a middle name or initial  himself (or is so listed 
in one of his publications etc.), please let us all know.

Mike Linacre
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