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Dear Wynne:

How about changing the measure range to 50-100, instead of 0-100. Then 
everyone passes!

Mike L.

At 11:00 AM 12/20/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>The challenge with the "zero-100" representation is that many units for 
>which we issue reports now get scores in the 50 - 75 range. Most people in 
>the medical world are highly educated in very competitive environments. 
>They are used to getting very high grades ... typically 90%+. So, 
>receiving patient satisfaction scores of 50-70 feels like 
>failing.  PeaceHealth has tried, over the years, many strategies, 
>metaphors, discussions, images etc to move people away from that 
>feeling.  It also does not reward particular score levels, but rewards 
>improvements in scores over time. That is, shifts from 25 to 28, 45 to 48 
>or 75 to 85 are equally valued & rewarded.

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