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I would like them also.

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> Hi and merry X_Mas
> I'll be thankful if some one could send me and electronic version the 
> following papers:
> 1- Karabatsos, G. (1999b). Rasch vs. two and three parameter logistic 
> models from the perspective of conjoint measurment theory.
> 2- Karabatsos, G. (1999a). Axiomatic measurment theory as a basis for 
> model selection in item response theory.
> 3- Michell (1997) Quantitative science and definition of measurment in 
> psychology. British Journal of Psychology 83(3).
> And can anyone introduce a book on measurment theory which has easily 
> treated the issues of conjoint measurment and all the other related 
> topics. I need something easy. What is the easiest one available? Michell 
> (1990)?
> Thanks a milion
> Rama
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