[Rasch] Second Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium (PROMS HK 2006 )

PHILLIPSON, Norman Shane shane at ied.edu.hk
Wed Dec 21 15:08:12 EST 2005

Second Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium (PROMS HK 2006)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to inform you of the
forthcoming conference and workshops to be held at The Hong Kong Institute
of Education, Tai Po, HONG KONG on Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th June, 2006 .
As well as attending the conference, we would like to invite you to propose
and present the results of your research using Rasch measurement in one of
our parallel sessions, or to learn more about Rasch measurement. Your
participation and contribution will help to make this a successful event.

The theme of the conference is "Rasch Measurement: A Tool for Scientific
Progress for the Asia Pacific", and will focus on recent advances in
objective measurement as a tool for scientific progress in education, health
and the social sciences. It will provide an international forum for
discourse on the latest research in using Rasch measurement as well as
opportunities to learn more about Rasch measurement. You are invited to join
with a panel of distinguished researchers and other practitioners to share
their expertise and your experiences in objective measurement. The programme
will include a Teachers’ Day (Thursday 29th June) and pre-conference
workshops (Sunday 25th - Monday 26th June).

The objectives of the conference are to: 
1) To present an accessible overview of the basic principles of Rasch
measurement models and procedures.
2) To demonstrate how Rasch measurement models and procedures can be applied
to a number of common problems encountered by researchers.
3) To elucidate theoretical and methodological issues in measurement and
4) To foster greater awareness among academics and professionals in the area
of education, health and social sciences of the significance of sound
measurement practices
5) To create a platform for scholars, researchers, academics, government
agencies and NGOs to share the application of genuine measurement procedures
for quality decision making. 

For details, please visit our website: http://www.promshk.org/

We look forward to welcoming you in this important and exciting event! I
would be delighted if you could forward this invitation to your colleagues
who might be interested.
Trevor Bond
Conference Chair, PROMS HK 2006

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