[Rasch] Some questions in estimating item parameters!

Agustin Tristan ici_kalt at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 05:42:15 EST 2005

Probably if you wish to estimate the 3 parameters and
implications this is not the best forum, as this is
mostly related to the Rasch model. Nevertheless you
may read the following books:

For IRT, you may have explanations about how to
calculate the 3 parameters and also a brief
explanation about likelihood.
Hambleton, Swaminathan and Rogers.
"Fundamentals of Item Response Theory "
SAGE Publications.1991
ISBN: 0803936478 

But if you need further information about likelihood
you have the classical book:

"Likelihood", by A.W.F.Edwards.
The Johns Hopkins University Press;1992. Paperback
ISBN: 0801844436 

Concerning other models, please go to the site of the
Institute of Objective Measurement.
You may purchase some books there.

Concerning software I prefer Winsteps, but it is Rasch
model oriented, not 3 PL. You may purchase winsteps or
 download the free BIGSTEPS or MINISTEP version, they
are excellent tools from the site

IRT software (not necessarily recommended by me) may
be purchased at:

Hope this helps.
Agustin Tristan

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