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martin martin1 at cwnet.com
Sat Oct 22 02:17:29 EST 2005

I am Martin Schaaf, Marriage, Family & Child Counselor.  I'm attracted to this list because I've discovered that Rasch analysis helps me decide what to believe, what tools to use, et cetera.

I have some provocative questions:

When Likart response scales were developed, they were _assumed_ to be scales, as best as I can tell.  That is, "Always" was assumed to be a stronger response than "Almost Always," et cetera. (At the end of my message is a list of Likart response items culled from the Net.

QUESTION 1:  Could Rasch analysis be used to study the Likart response items for scalability?  (My suspicion is, yes, but how?)

QUESTION 2:  Would the scale items change with change of context?  (My suspicion is, Yes.)

QUESTION 3:  Should part of test development include scaling the Likart response items for each test, perhaps even each item?  (Again, my suspicion is, Yes.)

Regards to All,
Martin Schaaf

Collected Likart Response Items:
Completely Agree, Agree Very Strongly, Agree Strongly, Strongly Agree, Agree Moderately, Slightly Agree, Agree Slightly, Mostly Agree, Agree, Tend to Agree, Not Sure, Undecided, Tend to Disagree, Disagree, Mostly Disagree, Disagree Strongly, Disagree Very Strongly, Completely Disagree

Always, Almost Always, Very Frequently,  To a Considerable Degree, A Great Deal, Much, Frequently, Usually, Sometimes, Occasionally, About Half the Time, Little, Seldom, Rarely, Very Rarely, Never

Extremely Important, Very Important, Important, Moderately Important, Of Little Importance, Unimportant, Extremely Unimportant

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Above Average, Barely Acceptable, Average, Fair, Below Average, Poor, Very Poor, Extremely Poor

True of Myself, Definitely, Almost Always True, Usually True, Mostly True of Myself, Very Probably, To a Great Extent, Like Me, Often True, Probably, Possibly, Somewhat, Very Little, About Halfway True of Myself, Occasionally True, Probably Not, Sometimes But Infrequently True, Slightly True Of Myself, Usually Not True, Unlike Me, Very Probably Not, Almost Never True, Not at All True of Myself, Not at All

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