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Dear Martin:

Thank you for your questions.

For investigations like yours, take a look at papers such as 

Investigation of the functioning of the rating scale(s) should be part of 
the validation of every instrument that uses polytomies.


Mike L.

At 09:17 AM 10/21/2005 -0700, you wrote:

>I am Martin Schaaf, Marriage, Family & Child Counselor.  I'm attracted to 
>this list because I've discovered that Rasch analysis helps me decide what 
>to believe, what tools to use, et cetera.
>I have some provocative questions:
>When Likart response scales were developed, they were _assumed_ to be 
>scales, as best as I can tell.  That is, "Always" was assumed to be a 
>stronger response than "Almost Always," et cetera. (At the end of my 
>message is a list of Likart response items culled from the Net.
>QUESTION 1:  Could Rasch analysis be used to study the Likart response 
>items for scalability?  (My suspicion is, yes, but how?)
>QUESTION 2:  Would the scale items change with change of context?  (My 
>suspicion is, Yes.)
>QUESTION 3:  Should part of test development include scaling the Likart 
>response items for each test, perhaps even each item?  (Again, my 
>suspicion is, Yes.)

Mike Linacre
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