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Good morning Juho
I don't know of any research papers on how colour effects test
functioning  - I do however have a couple of old references on related
matters which may be helpful.
Wheildon, C (1990) Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes: North
Sydney: Newspaper Advertising Bureau of Australia. And
Wanta, Wayne: and other (1992) Young Readers and the Newspaper: Factors
Affecting Information Recall and Perceived Enjoyment, Readability and
Attractiveness. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association
for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 75th, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada, August 5-8, 1992.
I know they are a little old but it may be of use. If you hear of any
recent material on this or related matters could you flick it my way
Hope you are well.
All the best

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	Hi Raschers --
	   Has anyone ever seen a research paper on differences in test
functioning (total test or by items) related to the color of the paper
that the test is printed on?  Any citations you can send along (with
either significant differences or not) would be greatly appreciated.
	Thanks --
	Don Bacon
	Associate Professor of Marketing
	Daniels College of Business
	University of Denver
	dbacon at du.edu, 303-871-2707
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