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I suspect you would be better off with 1.) deciding on a "correct
and scoring dichotomously or 2.) chosing a partial credit model.

There are good discussions and examples in "Introduction to Rasch
Measurement" of different models, and other papers and aricles are

My use of Close tests usually has a list of words to chose from making
the test dichotomous scoring, but even if it were open-ended, I doubt I
would use the rating scale model.

I wonder if Jack Stenner (Lexiles) has any experience with Close Tests;
he may have some other insights.

Steve Lang
University of South Florida

> Dear List members,
>   I'd be thankful for your expert comments on this.
>   I have Rasch analysed a language test which is called the "cloze 
> test". It has the following form:
>   "The English language today _____ many distinct centres, 
> self-governing ____ with their own standards. The two ____ important 
> are, of ____, the United Kingdom in terms of ____, and the United 
> States in ____ of population. ......."
>   The students are to supply the missing words in the text. There are 
> 4 texts and each have 25 gaps.
>   I have used rating scale model. Each text is a polytomous item with
> 25 categories.
>   There is disordering in the thresholds of the test (but not in the 
> average measures).
>   How can this be interpreted in the context of a cloze test?
>   Thanks in adavnce
>   Anthony
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