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This would be a welcome addition to Winsteps. But you will have to carry
out the computation of the t- and p-values to 4 or 5 (or more) decimal
places to permit its use when you have many items and groups.

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Thank you, Randy and Fred,

The Benjamini, Y. & Hochberg, Y. (1995) method for multiple comparisons
appears to be:
(1) Compute individual p-values for each of the N hypothesis tests as
though each was the only one.
(2) Sort the N p-values by size ascending, n=1,N, so that p(1) is the
smallest, and p(N) is the largest
(3) Starting from p(N) downwards, look down for the first p(n) which is
less than or equal to (n/N) * 0.05 (or your chosen significance level)
(4) Tests 1 to n are classified as significant.

Is this correct? Have any useful modifications been proposed? This seems
easy to implement in software, which I may well do.

Thanks again,

Mike L.

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