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In all our cases we've seen that people doesn't respond at the central category. it doesn't matter if you have 4 or 6 categories in our questionnaires we don't see tendencies to answer at the center, instead people tend to answer at the extreme categories.
  In the original document by Likert there are many scales with 5 categories.
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  Me too. I always use 4 or 6

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Something much simpler than recent issues . . .

Years ago I was advised that we should use an even number of options for any 
survey questions (ie those with Likert-type responses); ( e.g. never - 
rarely - often - always)
This would avoid the central tendency for respondents.

However, most commercial surevys use an odd number of options ( e.g. never - 
rarely - sometimes - often - always)

I am interested in any articles that discuss this issue, or any general 
comments from erudite practitioners.



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