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Am I drinking too much Chinese beer, or do Agustin's 3 options form a 
hierarchically ordered set?
At 5:07 PM -0800 22/1/06, Agustin Tristan wrote:
>Hi! I'm trying to follow this topic concerning crickets and scales.
>In abstract:  Which is better?
>1) The simple linear model even if it doesn't fit (the 
>linear model for the crickets' case).
>2) Any model who permits us to fit the data (the exp(something) 
>looks to be like that).
>3) A theoretical model telling us (and the crickets too) how is the 
>way crickets should adjust the frequency of  the noise they produce 
>according to temperature...specially if this theoretical model is 
>exp(someting) because it looks more interesting or impressive.
>I like Nature and its relationship with math and for me it was 
>interesting to know that crickets may use the exponential (even if 
>they don't care about the mathematical formulation), as well as the 
>seeds in sunflowers grow exponentially from their center, or the 
>snails grow their shell, or the ivy plants grow in an helical 3D 
>curve, or the soil slopes (in soil mechanics) become unstable and 
>fail according to a logarithmic spiral, or the growth of populations 
>follows a logistic model, and so forth... I can also recognize that 
>I prefer objective items that behave as the Rasch model, but...I 
>cannot decide in all those case which is better between (1), (2) and 
>Agustin Tristan

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