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  Hello. This discussion is quite interesting!
  I was thinking also in this possibility : what if besides the relationship among temperature and frequency, and humidity and other physical factors, crickets include other "reasons" to chirp. I am thinking specially on a single cricket, say Jimmy Cricket, for instance: 
  a) Jimmy changes the chirping frequency as a way to appeal his cricket girl friend in the vicinity, and frequency may be different if his partner is at differente distances: 50 cm or 1 m or 2 m.
  b) Jimmy modifies the frequency depending on the motivation, or the day or the place, and also  if he knows that we're hearing or not, if he's in the chimney or not, if now is Spring or Summer.
  c) How if Jimmy is tired? will he chirp the same way? What if he eats some plant who produces an increase in his capabilities?
  d) How if he doesn't have a "cricket teacher" who teaches how to chirp? Chirp is only a matter of intuition or is it a learned capability? Is it possible to know if Jimmy may chirp the same way if he lives in a particular environment or in other? Mexican crickets do the same as Australian crickets?
  e) Jimmy cricket may try to cheat or chirp with a semi-random pattern? I consider he may chirp in a mostly regular pattern, but sometimes he may miss the exactly time period to make noise, or he is a lucky guesser producing the noise very close to the correct frequency just by chance? or may he produce sound at random following a mean and a standard deviation, and so this fact may explain the differences in frequency?
  How many particularities may we include in the way Jimmy Cricket produces the noise? Are we interested then to qualify ALL the crickets at different moments, living in different environments...or a SPECIFIC cricket in a particular moment under a specific set of conditions? Are we interested to know why Jimmy Cricket is different than other crickets, and if he chirps as a "mean cricket" or if he is the best or the worst chirping cricket? 
  Probably we're doing all of that with our tests: scoring a set of students, making generalizations. Also, we try to score one of our students to know his particular knowledge or behavior, and why he is different to other students in the group, in the country or in the world.
  Difficult to decide.

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