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Hi Iasonas: You're proposing scenario three, I'm affraid. This happens also in our countries where a nice political decision indicates that the person must be tested on the field he/she is strong...
  Let's propose this to the olympics: What if we define the Triatlon (actually is swimming-bycicle-running), where the sportsman decide the three proofs, we may have many options, including swimming-jumping-shooting, or skating-football-fishing, chess-dominoes-poker... and what about Pentathlon?
  For instance in phylosophy the curriculum includes the topic of marxism, all the students of this area must study marxism, even if they like or not this theory, as it is in the program. Do we have to test the students including this topic or not?
  Our primary students must avoid the math tests? Sure, say a vey well known politician! So we may follow his idea: Why not test the students in topics they prefer, like: nintendo, rollerskating, star wars, soccer, and so on? According to their results, they need to know how well the students perform in the original curriculum!
  Another trend here is to qualify the "effort" and the attitude of the student toward his educational and academic tasks. If effort is included in the profile, a runner in the olympics must "win" according to effort not performance; according to effort, in football soccer you don't need to have goals, the team who shows a bigger effort may win the match, the same for attitudes and so on.
  We must be clear in our evaluation: if the authiorities wish to include effort, attitude, commitment, interest, time of study, socio-economic status, cleaness of the composition book, quality of writing, among other things, we must produce a test able to measure this (and it is probably very difficult to produce it), and we must be clear in the meaning of such measure. 
  I think that if we make a cocktail of several things we're very weak as evaluators: the authorities ask us to add results or to calculate the mean and after that, they ask the evaluators to make an interpretation, and to provide a good and plausible model!
  I think that the need of a profile is necessary. You may try to convince the authorities, we're trying to convince them also. Unfortunately this is not always possible.

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