[Rasch] PLEASE READ: 2007 AERA Annual Meeting Proposal Submission Reminder

William Fisher wfisher at avatar-intl.com
Fri Jul 21 07:33:26 EST 2006

Dear members of the AERA Rasch SIG, 


The 2007 AERA All Academic Submission System is open for individuals
wishing to submit a presentation proposal for the 2007 AERA Annual
Meeting, April 9-13 in Chicago, IL.  


The submission system will close on August 1 for Rasch SIG submissions.


PLEASE NOTE: Without exception no submission will be accepted after the
closing date of August 1. AERA will shut down the online submission
system on August 1, and there will be no other mechanism for submitting


ALSO PLEASE NOTE: As was discussed at last April's business meeting in
San Francisco, AERA will be monitoring our proposal acceptance rate. The
acceptance rate will be used as an indicator of our overall session
quality. If receive so few proposals for the 2007 meeting that we can
accept them all, the assumption will be that we have more sessions
available to us than we can fill with high quality presentations, and
our 2008 session allocation will be accordingly reduced. 


THEREFORE, we encourage you to 1) submit MULTIPLE proposals, 2) EXPECT
one or more of your proposals to be rejected, and 3) VOLUNTEER to serve
as a chair, discussant or reviewer.  


Please log in at http://www.aera.net/
F%2Fwww.aera.net%2F>  for more information. Please make sure you have
your login id number and password; it will be required to log into the
proposal submission system.  


 Thank you for your continued support of the Rasch SIG, AERA, and its
Annual Meeting.


 Warmest regards to Rasch friends and colleagues,


 The 2006-2007 Rasch SIG Program Co-Chairs,


 William Fisher and Sharon Solloway



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