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Stuart Luppescu s-luppescu at uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 28 07:26:30 EST 2006

Hi all, I have a tricky equating problem. I'm trying to equate two tests
using common people. However, one test was given under very high-stakes
conditions, and the other was given under NO stakes. Furthermore, the
no-stakes test was always given second. (The district authorities didn't
want anything interfering with or influencing results on the high-stakes

I did an equipercentile equating of the two tests, and found uniformly
lower performance on the no-stakes test. The results of the Rasch
equating showed similar performance by students on both tests. In two
grades on the math test, students did a bit better on the low-stakes
test (differences of .14 and .08 logits); in two grades on the reading
test, students did a bit better on the high-stakes test (differences
of .11 logits).

The question is, is there any way I can disentangle the effects of
differential effort due to differencens in stakes, from actual
differences in the tests? 

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