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I have prepared a paper concerning the concept that I consider has to be
called "scale validity". The reviewers ask me to provide further references
about scale validity, but I do not find more references, except the papers
from Raykov related to structural equation modeling and the scale concept
by Ben Wright; nevertheless I don't find  clear references about "scale
validity", in several papers it is included as part of content validity,
quality of item parameters (specifically item discrimination), and
partially in predictive validity. If somebody could have a reference
concerning this topic I shall appreciate very much.

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Read Fisher.
My Best, Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D.
Well, assuming it's William Fisher rather than R.A. Fisher - then OK!
But, I think the big issue facing many psychological scientists now is that
elaborated upon by Denny Borsboom and his colleagues, with regard to their
greatly simplified definition of "construct validity", and the place of
"causality" wihin it. If they are, this has some serious ramifications for
IRT and latent variable modeling and theory (and not all negative!).
Might I suggest in addition to William Fisher's thinking, the following two
specific and excellent references ...
Borsboom, D., Mellenbergh, G.J., Van Heerden, J. (2004) The concept of
validity. Psychological Review, 111, 4, 1061-1071.
Borsboom, D. (2005) Measuring the Mind. Cambridge University Press. ISBN:
0-521-84463-0, especially Chapter 4 - "Scales" , and very especially page
162-167 - section entitled "Where to look for Validity".
Regards .. Paul
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