[Rasch] ConQuest

Steve Stemler sstemler at wesleyan.edu
Tue Mar 28 05:27:36 EST 2006

Dear colleagues with ConQuest experience,

I have recently purchased ConQuest and am tinkering around with it now. 
I've used Quest in the past and found it straightforward and useful for a 
variety of problems.

Although I have run through the examples accompanying the ConQuest 
software, I find myself perplexed as I cannot seem to figure out how to get 
the program to generate person statistics (e.g., ability estimates, fit 
statistics, and item maps). I can get an output file that contains just 
person ability estimates, but the output file has no labels and there is no 
example in the manual to point me to whether column 3 or 4 is the 
appropriate column for the ability estimate. Either way, these person 
ability estimates are somewhat useless to me without their corresponding 
fit statistics.

The program works great for generating item statistics, and that is clearly 
the primary purpose, but there must also be a way to export person ability 
statistics and fit statistics. If anyone can offer me help, I would greatly 
appreciate it. I am sure that I am overlooking something obvious, but I 
cannot figure out what it may be.

All the best,


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