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Trudy Mallinson trudy at northwestern.edu
Sat Oct 7 02:40:58 EST 2006

Hi All,

David Elliott, Konrad Pesudovs and myself are topical editors for a  
special edition of Optometry and Vision Science.  We are receiving  
quite a number of Rasch-based manuscripts and are looking for people  
who would be interested in acting as reviewers for these papers.  You  
definitely don't have to have expertise in the field of vision  
function - we have plenty of vision experts to choose from - your  
expertise in the application of the Rasch model is what we need.   
Please email us directly if you would be willing to provide your  
expertise in this way.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Trudy Mallinson, Ph.D., OTR/L, NZROT
Associate Director
Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Mailing Address: 345 East Superior Street, Onterie 960, Chicago, IL  
Office Address: 446 East Ontario Street, Suite 960, Chicago, IL  
PH: (312) 238-1623
FX: (312) 238-4572
trudy at northwestern.edu

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