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Hello! I think the board wants to feel more comfortable with "standard" procedures. It is true that to assess the validity of a test you must provide the maximum of evidences, including judge opinions, criterion validity (concurrent, predictive...). You must prove that the scale is linear or not, the quality of the test, etc.
  If you're producing a short test, you must demostrate that the scale is similar and that reliability is equally good or even better than the long test, provide the standard error of the test and show it is satisfactory.
  If you check the APA-AERA-NCME standards and you provide the evidences according to them, and you produce a document where you show that you're satisfying some standards (indicate the standard number and the evidences you're providing), then the board must demonstrate not only that they don't agree with your work and why, but also they must show why they are not satisfied with the standards!
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