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About 1 or 2 years ago, Educational Researcher published in its Opinion section, an interview with noted scholar Gene Glass.  Among his quite valid points were notions of the dominant paradigm regarding "published literature."  Glass' remarks suggest we exist in a politically driven, dark age - where knowledge is sorted by "peers" into what is worthy and what is not.  Were these decisions made on a dispassionate basis, perhaps, there would be less of a problem.  However, we all know this is not the case.  We all are aware of journals to which scholars who make use of Rasch need not submit articles.  The greatest minds of our discipline would be rejected on the basis of political ignorance and discrimination.  Your description is too limited to suggest that this is indeed one of those cases, but being blunt, were I to guess, I would tend to believe it is Rasch in general that fueled the rejection - and for silly reasons.  Attitude is not linear?  Then it cannot be measured as all measures are linear - it is a requirement.  Furthermore, if attitude is not measurable (linear) then we better scrap everything we've ever done since Thurstone.

Journals including JAM are all the more important - as they allow for more than one expression.

Gene Glass' modesty aside his wisdom is remarkably on target in so many ways.  Who are we to limit the dissemination on knowledge?  If it is bad research, it will be judged so.  But that judgment cannot come from a handful of narrowminded individuals.  In the age of mass communication, let the reader decide what is and is not reasonable.  Eric - look to other publications and publication vehicles.  We need to see and hear of your own discoveries and wisdom.


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  Dear all,

  Unbelievable comments from reviewers of a research grant review board:

  "The questionnaire should be shortened. The proposed validation analysis (using Rasch modelling) is not appropriate for a questionnaire focusing on attitude and behaviour and should be revised."

  "The methods proposed for the adpatation of the content of the IMAQ (the questionnaire) are well written, but Rasch analysis for the valdiation/reduction of items is not appropriate because the items on attitude or usage do not have a linear order, unlike educational assessment. More standard methods, such as know group comparison or concurrent validity, for validating the construct/criterion validity of the IMAQ should be used."

  Any comments?


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