[Rasch] 3rd International Measurement Conference 2008

Stephanou, Andrew Stephanou at acer.edu.au
Thu Apr 5 19:52:28 EST 2007

Third International Conference on Measurement 

in Health, Education, Psychology and Marketing: 

Developments with Rasch Models





22 to 24 January 2008


Pre Conference Courses in Social Measurement

Course co-ordinator: David Andrich


Conference venue: University Club, The University of Western Australia 

Perth, Western Australia



Detailed information regarding the conference is available at
http://www.education.uwa.edu.au/news (Click on "Rasch conference")

If you wish to be put on the mailing list for this information, email <mailto:> sandy.heldsinger at uwa.edu.au and make the subject Conference2008.


Exciting developments in the theory and practice of measurement in health, education, psychology and marketing provide an opportunity to review the state of the art in measurement science, in an extensive pre-conference programme, and enjoy the delights of Western Australia (WA).


Topics for the conference:


*	Cumulative models for attitude and trait measurement - dichotomous and ordered category models. 
*	Unfolding models for preference and choice - folding the Rasch models 
*	Rasch model applications in education (e.g large scale test equating, benchmarking), psychology (e.g intelligence testing, linking quantitative and stage developmental data) 
*	Item banking 
*	Computer adaptive testing 
*	Marketing (e.g pairwise designs for preference and choice studies) 
*	Health care outcomes (e.g linking performance scales) 
*	Using simulation studies for clarifying methodological issues e.g tests of fit, measurement precision, effects of multidimensionality and response dependence 
*	Developments in Rasch modelling (e.g. differential item functioning) 
*	Understanding response processes compatible with the Rasch models  
*	Epistemology, fundamental measurement and Rasch models 
*	History and philosophy of measurement and Rasch models


Abstracts are invited and are required by Friday, 27th July 2007. 



Summary of Program

January  -7-11

Introductory course on Rasch measurement.

Includes use of the program RUMM

January 12 

Course barbecue


January -14-18

Advanced course in Rasch measurement.

Includes use of the programs RUMM, RATEFOLD


January 21  

9.00am - 4.00pm

One day workshop focussing on using RUMM


January 21

5.00pm - 7.00pm

Conference Registration

January 22 - 24

Conference papers on applications of Rasch and related measurement models in any substantive field of application - education, psychology, health care and rehabilitation, marketing, etc.  Papers on theory, philosophy and history of measurement are also welcome. 


January 22

Conference dinner at the Nedlands Golf Club, located two miles from the city of Perth, and overlooking the Swan River

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