[Rasch] Message from Mexico regarding the AERA meeting

Agustin Tristan ici_kalt at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 14 16:27:37 EST 2007

Hello everybody:
  I'm just arrived from the freezing AERA meeting where I had the pleasure to meet many friends, specially during the dinner (thank you Matt Bennet, Thomas O'Neill, and the sponsors from Pearson). As there was no presentation of the participants, following my wife's proposal, I had to take the courage to introduce myself in all the tables and had the opportunity to shake hands with old and new penpals. In fact the only person I knew from previous visits to Chicago was Ben Wright and, as always, he was very nice and it was a good moment to see him again. I think some participants unfortunately missed Ben.
  The only thing I shall not do in a future AERA meeting is to go to the seminars, as I missed all the Rasch SIG sessions and the opportunity to learn more things on this field.
  I wish to say that I appreciate the warm hospitality that the members of the SIG showed to me when I introduce myself. Thank you. 
  I also appreciate very much the positive comments concerning my lecture. I shall try to send the papers to the ERIC data base and also to the JAM. But if someone wants a copy of them please let me know and I shall be very 
  glad to send it by email. Some of you who have requested some materials from me, will receive them next week by email.
  Hope to see you in the next conference!
  Agustin Tristan

Mariano Jiménez 1830 A 
Col. Balcones del Valle 
78280, San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. México 
TEL (52) 44-4820 37 88, 44-4820 04 31 
FAX (52) 44-4815 48 48 
web page (in Spanish AND ENGLISH): http://www.ieesa-kalt.com

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