[Rasch] recoding scheme

Verdes, Emese verdese at who.int
Thu Apr 26 18:54:27 EST 2007

Dear Rasch users,
I'm a beginner in this field and would very much appreciate if you could
answer my question. 
Recently I applied the partial credit model for our 16 (5 category)
health variables in Winsteps. It looks all right, however instead of
saving the Rasch scores provided by Winsteps I was asked to come up with
a 'recoding scheme' (of the original variables) to gain the new scores.
The rationale behind is that it would be easier to apply for other users
having similar data (than fitting the model again).
Could you please advise me whether it is possible and if so how. (Maybe
by using the respective 'category measures' ?)
Thanks in advance.
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