[Rasch] Misfitting Individuals

Petroski, Greg PetroskiG at health.missouri.edu
Sat Apr 28 04:28:55 EST 2007

I have a few questions centering on person-fit.  The need to understand
the cause of aberrant response patters is obvious. But in applications,
i.e. not in the test development phase, what is does with misfitting
Score them anyway?
Exclude them from the reporting?  This could be a very unpopular
solution in some applications.  
Are rules of thumb for person INFIT and OUTFIT the same as when judging
item fit?  In which case one might not report scores for individuals
with INFIT or OUTFIT exceeding certain limits.  Is this done?
Gregory F. Petroski, Ph.D.
Dept. of Health Management and Informatics &
Office of Medical Research/Biostatistics
137 Hadley Hall (DC 018)
University of Missouri - Columbia,
Columbia, Mo.  65212

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