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Sounds like you are dealing with a situation where cumulative models such as Rasch will not work. My PhD was on unfolding so if you could give me a better idea of what you are working on I may be able to help you.


There are unfolding models for rating scale, dichotomous and pairwise preference data.







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Hello, I'm wondering if a rating scale could be useful for that. The idea you have seems to me very similar to a Likert scale, where you focus on the category where you agree.

Hope it helps.


Donald Bacon <dbacon at du.edu> wrote:

	Hi Raschers -
	I'm working with a scale wherein respondents read a scenario and then rate how similar each of several statements are to their own way of thinking about the scenario. In this way we hope to locate where each respondent is on a latent trait called reflective judgment, as well as calibrate each of the statements.
	It occurs to me, however, that this is not like a common Rasch analysis. For example, a respondent at a level 4 on a 7 level latent trait will rate both a level 1 statement and a level 7 statement as being highly dissimilar to his or her way of thinking. Thus, response probabilities do not increase monotonically with respondent ability. Would some type of unfolding model work better? Or is there some way to model this in Rasch?
	Thanks for any insight you might have -
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