[Rasch] Rasch applied to encourage innovation in Maths Education

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Thanks Mike

That article is part of a special edition of MERJ, Mathematics 
Education Research Journal
Research in Mathematics Education and Rasch Measurement

There are 6 articles and an editorial available for free download:

Research in Mathematics Education and Rasch Measurement
Rosemary Callingham and Trevor Bond

A Case of the Inapplicability of the Rasch Model: Mapping Conceptual Learning
Kaye Stacey and Vicki Steinle
A Longitudinal Study of Student Understanding of Chance and Data
Jane Watson, Ben Kelly and John Izard
Applying the Rasch Rating Scale Model to Gain Insights into Students' 
Conceptualisation of Quality Mathematics Instruction
Kelly Bradley, Shannon Sampson and Kenneth Royal
Easier Analysis and Better Reporting: Modelling Ordinal Data in 
Mathematics Education Research
Brian Doig and Susie Groves
Modelling Mathematics Problem Solving Item Responses Using a 
Multidimensional IRT Model
Margaret Wu and Raymond Adams
Surveying Primary Teachers about Compulsory Numeracy Testing: 
Combining Factor Analysis with Rasch Analysis
Peter Grimbeek and Steven Nisbet

Trevor Bond & Rosemary Callingham
Editors of the special edition

At 7:38 PM -0600 12/15/07, Mike Linacre (RMT) wrote:
>Yes, thank you Goran for this reference ....
>Wu & Adams, http://www.merga.net.au/documents/MERJ_18_2_Wu.pdf - 
>Figure 1 shows student performance profiles - reminiscent of Richard 
>Woodcock's KeyMath Diagnostic Profile.
>Mike L.
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