[Rasch] 3=4 theorem

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The flaw is that:
1.    a + b = c
2.  therefore a + b - c = 0
3.  when dividing or multiplying by zero, it invalidates the equation

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Sorry, I know it's rather irrelevent. But I can't believe it! And I can't 
find the flaw in the reasoning either. Besides, I don't know who to ask.
Could you please help?

Three is equal to four
Theorem: 3=4

a + b = c

This can also be written as:
4a - 3a + 4b - 3b = 4c - 3c

After reorganizing:
4a + 4b - 4c = 3a + 3b - 3c

Take the constants out of the brackets:
4 * (a+b-c) = 3 * (a+b-c)

Remove the same term left and right:
4 = 3

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