[Rasch] NCLB, anchor items, and a common core

Gary Williamson gwilliamson at lexile.com
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Dear Colleagues,
Jack Stenner asked me to offer two papers to this discussion.
Unfortunately, my first attempt to attach them resulted in a message
that exceeds the listserv's capacity, and it was rejected by the
moderator.  So I am listing two sources where you may view or download
the papers.
First, Student Readiness for Postsecondary Endeavors presents a text
continuum spanning from the end of high school through various
postsecondary options (e.g., military, workplace, postsecondary
education) that students may consider.  This paper may be downloaded
from ERIC at the link:
The second paper,  Aligning the Journey with a Destination, presents an
example combining this information with an average growth curve
determined from North Carolina longitudinal data.  It may be viewed at
the following link: 
pageid=436 .  Simply click on the name of the paper in the list.
Hope these perspectives may be of interest.
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