[Rasch] Item format and model choice

Andrés Burga León 21781 at upch.edu.pe
Mon Jun 4 10:28:45 EST 2007

Hello to everybody:


I want to know your advice about how to store and model data from a
vocabulary test for children. The items are organized in a two column


The first column has two words and the second tree pictures. The task is to
draw a line from each word to the corresponding picture. Each correct word
is one point.


 I have two options:


1.	use the dichotomous items model
2.	use the partial credit model 


In 1. each correct word is one point. I think that whit this options, the
problem is that the words are not locally independent (one item is two words
and tree pictures)


In 2. I could give the person 1 point if correctly joints one of the word
with the pictures, and two point for both words. But with this I could not
have a measure for each of the words.


I want to here your opinions about which options is better


Kind regards




Mg. Andrés Burga León

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Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

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