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Seems rather straightforward.  Separate the engagement questions and
satisfaction questions.  Put them into separate Rasch's and one with both
sets in a single one.  Do a factor analysis on the residuals 


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Hello - 
Joe Albano here - I'm a graduate student looking for some assistance with my
dissertation research. 


I attended the Rasch Workshop that Ev Smith and Richard Smith held in
Chicago in April this year. I am in the Psychology Program at Saybrook
Graduate School and Research Center in SF focusing on Organizational Systems
issues. It's a distance learning program - I'm based near Indianapolis. 
I'm writing to ask for help with some work that I would like to do. Saybrook
tends to have a rather qualitative bent and I am attempting to design a
mixed method study for my dissertation. I believe that Rasch Measurement may
be appropriate for the quantitative component. I spoke to our director of
research who informed met that no Rasch expertise exists among the faculty
and that I would have to identify and engage outside expertise in order to
use Rasch methods. 
I believe that the project will be relatively straightforward. -I'm
attempting to create an inventory to assess the strength of employee
engagement. The preexisting instruments I have been able to locate conflate
engagement and satisfaction. 
I am requesting and would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide in
identifying a resource interested in helping me out. I'd also be interested
in publishing an article regarding my experience -if we determine that such
a basic application would add value to the literature - perhaps a cookbook
for basic scale development using RM. If such a cookbook already exists, any
pointers to it would be great!
Best regards,




Joe Albano

joealbano2 at earthlink.net

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