[Rasch] Rescaling measures

Snider-Lotz, Tom tsnider-lotz at previsor.com
Wed Mar 7 02:31:01 EST 2007

I'd appreciate some advice from folks familiar with Winsteps.  Michael
Linacre has provided extensive help files on this subject, but I want to
be sure I understand.

I'm comparing the responses of various cultural groups on a specific
instrument.  One of my reference articles had a similar aim, and in
order to compare the groups they "rescaled our measures so that the mean
item difficulty was anchored at 50 and a shift in 10 units up or down
the measure equaled a shift in one logit."  Would this be accomplished
by analyzing the data from each group separately and setting UMEAN=50
and USCALE=10 in the command file?  Do I need to do more than this?

Thank you in advance.

 -- Tom Snider-Lotz

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