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Jane Scott janescott at iprimus.com.au
Thu Mar 8 20:20:46 EST 2007

Hi there,
I am developing a multi-dimensional scale measuring people's level of
engrossment with a film. I am hoping people can advise me with regards to
the ordering of items, as I can't seem to find a relevant article.
Within each dimension (let's consider feelings for example), I am exploring
several different feelings someone might have to a film, building
difficulty/intensity by using 3 items to explore each theme. 
So for example, I have items such as....
I felt good
I felt happy
I felt elated  
which measure happy feelings
and items such as......
I felt apprehensive
I felt scared
I felt terrified
to measure fear
My question relates to how these should be ordered. Do I keep them in their
triplets with ascending levels of endorsabilty / difficulty? Which is good
because it makes the person think, "yes, I felt happy when I watched the
film", but realising they are being pushed to the next level, they might
more thoughfully consider, "but did this film make me feel elated?" 
Or do I mix the items up so "I felt good" and "I felt apprehensive" (ie. 2
easily endorsed items) are answered first, and then the harder items (eg.
elated, terrified) are answered last
Or do I mix the items up completely randomly so I might have scared followed
by good followed by something else - hence mixing up both the feelings and
the level of difficulty
Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated as I need this
resolved really quite soon!
Many thanks,
Jane Scott 
PhD Candidate                                        
School of Marketing                                
University of New South Wales               
 <blocked::http://www.marketing.unsw.edu.au> www.marketing.unsw.edu.au

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