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Actually Jane, I think it would be interesting to try two or more of
those methods and see how they compare -- but I expect you don't have
the time or subject pool to allow that.
Will the subjects be giving a yes/no response or will they be applying a
numerical rating?
If you arrange the items as triplets, you're essentially turning the
triplet into a single rating-scale item:
While watching this film, I felt
1 -- good
2 -- happy
3 -- elated
Because of that, I'd go with the complete randomization, though not
without a concern.  My concern, which applies to any method you use, is
that your results may be influenced by individual differences in
interpreting the words you use.  For example, to some people, "good" and
"happy" may be pretty close together in meaning, while for other people
they may be farther apart.  There may even be people who think "good" is
better than "happy."
Ultimately, I think I'd prefer to do this study with more traditional
rating scales, e.g.:
How happy did this film make you feel?
1 -- Not at all happy
2 -- A little happy
3 -- Happy
4 -- Very happy
(Not the best options, but you get the idea.)
 -- Tom


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Hi there,
I am developing a multi-dimensional scale measuring people's level of
engrossment with a film. I am hoping people can advise me with regards
to the ordering of items, as I can't seem to find a relevant article.
Within each dimension (let's consider feelings for example), I am
exploring several different feelings someone might have to a film,
building difficulty/intensity by using 3 items to explore each theme. 
So for example, I have items such as....
I felt good
I felt happy
I felt elated  
which measure happy feelings
and items such as......
I felt apprehensive
I felt scared
I felt terrified
to measure fear
My question relates to how these should be ordered. Do I keep them in
their triplets with ascending levels of endorsabilty / difficulty? Which
is good because it makes the person think, "yes, I felt happy when I
watched the film", but realising they are being pushed to the next
level, they might more thoughfully consider, "but did this film make me
feel elated?" 
Or do I mix the items up so "I felt good" and "I felt apprehensive" (ie.
2 easily endorsed items) are answered first, and then the harder items
(eg. elated, terrified) are answered last
Or do I mix the items up completely randomly so I might have scared
followed by good followed by something else - hence mixing up both the
feelings and the level of difficulty
Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated as I need this
resolved really quite soon!
Many thanks,
Jane Scott 
PhD Candidate                                        
School of Marketing                                
University of New South Wales               
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