[Rasch] Alternative Assessment Suggestions

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Australia has had state-wide assessments for many decades which are not
centred on MCQ (although many now include some questions of this type).
(The state of) NSW uses such tests for all subjects at matriculation
level (end of secondary schooling), as well as for key subjects at the
end of compulsory schooling  (Year 10).
These tests are set by the NSW Board of Studies, and copies of the
exams, as well as Reports on the exams, etc are available form their
website at http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/
The specific contacts I have copied into this message could provide
further assistance.

Dr Juho Looveer
Manager, Data Collection
Planning and Innovation
NSW Department of Education and Training
Level 5, 35 Bridge St Sydney
GPO Box 33
Sydney NSW 2001
work phone: 956 18192
fax: 956 18055
Juho.Looveer at det.nsw.edu.au 



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Hello all.

I am involved with a project assessing K-12 student achievement and am
looking for non-traditional instruments within the "big four" topics of
maths, science, language and social studies.  Many within education
consistently complain that MCQ examinations do not appropriately assess
achievement.  While I am not in that camp, I do believe assessment of
student achievement must be multi-faceted. Unfortunately, there appears
to be a great empty space where these non-MCQ exams should exist.  The
alternative assessments I'm looking for could take any form but should
be usable on a large scale.  While our initial project is small (one
school) if we are to eventually move forward with a model that might be
generalized elsewhere, we must be able to effectively and efficiently
administer the exams.  While this is not strictly Rasch, I am looking
(read: begging) for any suggestions.  As this is an international list,
the assessments should be in English, or easily translatable without too
many cultural specifics that would need to be addressed. 

We are open to virtually anything - so here's a chance to demonstrate
the effectiveness of alternatives to MCQ.

Many thanks,

Gregory E. Stone, Ph.D., M.A.

Assistant Professor of Research and Measurement
The Judith Herb College of Education
The University of Toledo, Mailstop #914
Toledo, OH 43606   419-530-7224

Editorial Board, Journal of Applied Measurement     www.jampress.org

Board of Directors, American Board for Certification of Teacher
Excellence     www.abcte.org

For information about the Research and Measurement Programs at The
University of Toledo and careers in psychometrics, statistics and
evaluation, email gregory.stone at utoledo.edu.

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