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>Dear Gregory,


is the home of PISA international achievement comparative assessments

What PISA Assesses
Method of Assessment
Pencil-and-paper tests are used, with assessments lasting a total of 
two hours for each student.
Test items are a mixture of multiple-choice items and questions 
requiring students to construct their own responses. The items are 
organised in groups based on a passage setting out a real-life 
A total of about seven hours of test items is covered, with different 
students taking different combinations of test items.
Students answer a background questionnaire, which takes 20-30 minutes 
to complete, providing information about themselves and their homes. 
School principals are given a 20-minute questionnaire about their 

gives sample questions and marking schemes

>Hello all.
>I am involved with a project assessing K-12 student achievement and 
>am looking for non-traditional instruments within the "big four" 
>topics of maths, science, language and social studies.  Many within 
>education consistently complain that MCQ examinations do not 
>appropriately assess achievement.  While I am not in that camp, I do 
>believe assessment of student achievement must be multi-faceted. 
>Unfortunately, there appears to be a great empty space where these 
>non-MCQ exams should exist.  The alternative assessments I'm looking 
>for could take any form but should be usable on a large scale. 
>While our initial project is small (one school) if we are to 
>eventually move forward with a model that might be generalized 
>elsewhere, we must be able to effectively and efficiently administer 
>the exams.  While this is not strictly Rasch, I am looking (read: 
>begging) for any suggestions.  As this is an international list, the 
>assessments should be in English, or easily translatable without too 
>many cultural specifics that would need to be addressed. 
>We are open to virtually anything - so here's a chance to 
>demonstrate the effectiveness of alternatives to MCQ.
>Many thanks,
>Gregory E. Stone, Ph.D., M.A.
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>University of Toledo and careers in psychometrics, statistics and 
>evaluation, email gregory.stone at utoledo.edu.
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