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>The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Measurement (Vol. 8, No. 2) is 
>now available.  The contents of this issue are listed below.  If you have 
>not seen the journal, sample copies are available on request.  Sample 
>copies may be requested by e-mail.  Please address those requests to the 
>editor.  If you think that your students would find the work published in 
>JAM useful, we can also arrange for sample copies for your measurement 
>classes.  Contact information for sample copies is li sted b elow.  Please 
>visit our web page at <http://www.jampress.org/>www.jampress.org for a 
>complete list of articles published in JAM and the abstracts for the 
>articles listed below.
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>Vol. 8, No. 2 Summer 2007
>Mental Self Government:  Development of the Additional Democratic Learning 
>Style using Rasch Measurement Models
>                 Tine Nielsen, Svend Kreiner, and Irene Styles
>Measuring Math Anxiety (in Spanish) with the Rasch Rating Scale Model
>                 Gerardo Prieto and Ana R. Delgado
>Using Rasch Analysis to Construct a Clinical Problem-Solving Inventory in 
>the Dental Clinic:  A Case Study
>                 Chien-Lin Yang and Gene A. Kramer
>Evidence-Based Practice for Equating Health Status Items:  Sample Size and 
>IRT Model
>                 Karon  F. Cook, Patrick W. Taylor, Barbara G. Dodd, Cayla 
> R. Teal, and Colleen McHorney
>Computing Confidence Intervals of Item Fit Statistics in the Family of 
>Rasch Models using the Bootstrap Method
>                 Ya-Hui Su, Ching-Fan Sheu, and Wen-Chung Wang
>Instrument Development Tools and Activities for Measure Validation using 
>Rasch Models:  Part II – Validation Activities
>                 Edward W. Wolfe and Everett V. Smith, Jr.
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