[Rasch] an interesting little collaboration?

Trevor Bond trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Tue May 29 15:55:05 EST 2007

Dear Rasch colleagues,

Anyone interested in a little  collaboration?

I am interested in trying to interpolate entrance cut-offs for 
teacher-education programs in a number of countries by inferring from 
the PISA achievement scores.

If we take a few countries with PISA results as exemplars - Norway, 
HK, Australia, UK, USA (say) and we have some evidence for how deep a 
slice universtites accept off the top of the achievement profile 
(say, HK accepts c.15%, Australia much more etc) some broad 
inferences might be drawn.

Most countries in which I've work have teacher ed programs as having 
near the lowest cut-offs for university entrance - hopefully, that's 
not the case for all...

So if you have some knowledge about university entrance requirements 
for teacher education in an OECD-PISA assessed country, I'd be 
pleased to hear from you off-list.

I imagine that a few others on the list would like to read any 
general advice / warnings that colleagues might have to offer.

with collegial thanks in advance,
Trevor G BOND Ph D
Professor and Head of Dept
Educational Psychology, Counselling & Learning Needs
D2-2F-01A EPCL Dept.
Hong Kong Institute of Education
10 Lo Ping Rd, Tai Po
New Territories HONG KONG

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