[Rasch] Is it worth it - B&F2??

Trevor Bond trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Thu May 31 13:13:41 EST 2007

Dear Rasch Colleagues,
(pls forgive cross-postings)

A number of colleagues have asked whether the changes to the second 
edition of Bond & Fox "Applying the Rasch Model" are worth the price.

Let me try to give a (sort-of) objective summary answer.

What's new in 2nd Edition
2nd Ed. = 314 pages + (refs and front material);
1st Ed.= 234 pages + (refs and front material).
Updated throughout, highlights of the Second Edition include:
Additional 80 pages of text; More than 25% of the rest rewritten.
A new CD that features Bond&FoxSteps, a full-size introductory 
version of the latest Winsteps program; all the data files for the 
book's examples, preprogrammed to run using Winsteps with built-in 
.pdfs of step by step tutorials for each B&F example. Minifac, data 
set and Facets example.
A new chapter (#5) on invariance that highlights the parallels 
between physical and human science measurement.
A new empirical example demonstrates the Many Facets Rasch model.
An increased focus on issues related to unidimensionality, 
multidimensionality, and Rasch factor analysis of residuals.
New examples using thermometry and the measurement of sport 
performances, and the growing use of student satisfaction data in 
university and college reviews.
A new appendix on analyzing data to help those new to Rasch analysis 
get started.
More explanation of the key concepts and of item characteristic 
curves make the text easier to follow.

You might not know that Taylor & Francis now own Erlbaum, and they 
have made this offer to Rasch-list members etc.

The T&F website administrator has programmed a "discount code" for 
buyers to add in when ordering the book via the Psychology Press 

The discount code is "PPIOM" - people on Rasch listserves can order 
it off (any one of) the T&F websites.
At the checkout stage you'll be given the opportunity to enter a 
promotional code - enter PPIOM in that field and click "Apply 

This url will send you to the book's page on the web site:

This discount is 20% off and is good for 90 days.

Nothing else to say otherwise subjectivity and defence mechanisms 
might take over!
Collegial regards
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