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>Steve Lang said inter alia:
>We like to say that "Rasch puts the people back in testings." The 
>revolution is not in the use of the model or a particular piece of 
>software, but comes with the new insights that were originally 
>revealed because the model and software encouraged a different way 
>of thinking.
Chan and Bode have a paper coming up in the  Journal of Neurology, 
Neurosurgery and Psychiatry:
Chan RCK, Bode RK. Analysis of patient and proxy ratings on the 
dysexecutive questionnaire: an application of Rasch analysis.

It reveals beautifully when raw scores don't add up. Mean scores for 
patients and their proxies on the Dysexecutive Questionnaire (DEX) 
provided another confirmation of previous findings: patient and 
proxies yield the same total scores. Clinicians using the DEX expect 
that a positive difference between proxy (e.g. family) rating totals 
and patient self-rating totals implicates dysexecutive function. The 
Chan and Bode (Rasch) analysis reveals mis-fit and bi-directional DIF.

Not a big "Wow!" to be sure...but a potential life-changing finding 
about the the standard diagnostic device in the field:  new insights 
revealed because the model and software encouraged a different way of 

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