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Dear Paul et al,
But I wonder whether my more "examine those expectations & predictive 
accuracy maximization approach" would have achieved even greater 
utility without so many assumptions being made about the structure of 
the data?
Well that is an empirical issue. Chan and Bode produced the goods 
when the field has failed...and you have produced no attempt.

Once you treat data models as "optional", and focus on the problem to 
be solved rather than forcing a single data model to be applied to 
it, all kinds of analysis and solution options open up.

But, I guess if your primary goal, or your perception of a 
problem-solution is to create a quantitatively structured latent 
variable, then a data-model approach is mandatory, with 
the appropriate indicators of model fit.
The field seems to be pretty well affixed to: creating a 
quantitatively structured latent variable. That's what the DEX is. It 
is the standard indicator in the field. The Chan and Bode Rasch 
analysis reveals some primary evidence about why the dysexecutive 
functioning index is dysfunctional.


best wishes, Paul


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