[Rasch] Not a Fan of Lexiles?

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	Physicists, cooks and carpenters all have a "model" of what they
want, and they do their best to obtain it - even if it means specifying,
selecting, constructing the data that conforms to their models. But
social scientists, in general, reject this approach. But which approach
has been more productive?

And physicists, cooks, and carpenters can all manipulate/equate
magnitudes of their variables empirically - which makes a big difference
to evaluating the veracity of a "measurement" application.
But this kind of discussion "look, all things Rasch is wonderful" -vs-
my "is it really" response  is going nowhere. 
I like Mark Moulton's perspective though - that is a very interesting
way of looking at the Rasch model. 
Regards ... Paul


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