[Rasch] qualitatively described, quantitatively responded

Trevor Bond trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Tue Nov 6 10:49:49 EST 2007

Dear Shirin
please note that your qualitative descriptors can be ordered:
  minimally partially sufficiently fully
attributing numerals to those ordered categories
maintains the order but says nothing about the intervals between 
those ordered categories
that (estimating intervals) is the task of the investigator using the 
Rasch model.

Of course it is much easier to NAME some ordered categories than it 
is to define them sufficiently to categorize all responses 
but that is our aim

hope that starts you on the right track

At 9:40 PM +0330 11/5/07, shirin ahmadishirazi wrote:
>Hi List members,
>I would be extremely grateful if you help solve the following controversies:
>1. Qualitative words are not appropriate to describe a quantitative construct.
>2. Qualitative words are used to differentiate descriptors of levels 
>of proficiency (although it is difficult to make distinctions 
>between "some" and "a few", and "several" and "many").
>3. Productive skills (Speaking and writing) are qualitatively 
>described but quantitatively scored. How can qualitative words 
>(e.g., fully, sufficiently, partially, minimally, largely, 
>adequately, effectively, ...) get quantified?
>All the Best,
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