[Rasch] AERA Prize: supporting recommendations needed ASAP

Mike Linacre (RMT) rmt at rasch.org
Thu Nov 8 11:56:31 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues:

AERA Division D is offering a prize for "Significant Contribution to 
Educational Measurement and Research Methodology": 

I would like to nominate the Journal of Applied Measurement, 8:3 - the PISA 
Special Edition. Geoff Masters is the Guest Editor. It was published just 
before July 31, 2007.  Abstracts are at: 
http://home.att.net/~rsmith.arm/abst.htm (bottom third of webpage).

Are you a member of AERA Div. D? Would you like to recommend JAM 8:3 to the 
Prize committee? (Authors published in JAM 8:3 are eligible.)
If so, please email me today a letter of recommendation (short or long) 
addressing "the quality and potential impact of the research;" - on your 
letterhead as a Word .doc or PDF file. - The more recommendations, the better!

Mike L.

Mike Linacre
Editor, Rasch Measurement Transactions
rmt at rasch.org www.rasch.org/rmt/ Latest RMT:  21:1 Summer 2007
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