[Rasch] Models of unidimensionalconstructshavetheirlimitations:what is a "good thing"?

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That is also my point.  Scales have to be unpacked even if the combination
one appears to be unidimensional.


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For what concerns temperature, the definitions you mention are text book
definitions that refer to simple and specific contexts. I do not know why
you also mention heat. Heat is not temperature. The best I can do for you is
to refer you to a paper about the meaning of temperature and how poorly it
is understood by physics teachers.

e>  Baierlein, The meaning of temperature, Physics Teacher, 28, 94 (1990)



Hello Andrew


I only mentioned Heat to show how the definition of temperature involves two
other constructs, heat and energy - not that they are definitional of it
(being fair to the "complexity" issue)


I do not understand why you wrote that "neuropsychological test results are
affected by multiple factors, but usually age and education are the only
variables by which norms are stratified". 


I didn't. That was the abstract to the paper, I provided it in my message
only to show how these authors used that term "reading ability".


Regards .. Paul




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