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Hello, I’m a graduate student in theInstitute ofDevelopmental Psychology,Beijing Normal University,China. My dear tutor is Professor Lin Chong De. We are doing researches on the cognition and thinking development. We are very interested in the field, such as the application of Rasch model and Saltus model in the developmental psychology, especially the statistical ways of identifying stages in developmental data.
Now I am preparing to do my thesis about children’s problem solving in mathematics. I have seen some papers, but the fulltexts are so difficult to get inChina that I am eager to get some help.
 1  Noelting, G. Coude, G. Rousseau, J. P. Bond, T. Brunel, M.-L.(2000) Can qualitative stage characteristics be revealed quantitatively? Archives de Psychologie, 68, 266/267, 259-275
2   Bond, T.G. (1995).Piaget and Measurement I: The twain really do meet.Archives de Psychologie, 63, 71-87.
3   Bond, T.G. (1995).Piaget and Measurement II: Empirical validation of the Piagetian model.Archives de Psychologie, 63, 155-185.
4   Bond, T.G. & Bunting, E. (1995).Piaget and Measurement III: Reassessing the méthode clinique.Archives de Psychologie,63, 231-255.
5   Bond, T.G. (1998) Fifty years of formal operational research: The empirical evidence.Archives de Psychologie, 66, 217-234
6   Grobecker, B. & Bond, T. (1999) Children's Construction of Addition,Archives de Psychologie,67, 95-122
7    King, J., & Bond, T. (1996).A Rasch analysis of a measure of computer anxiety.Journal of Educational Computing Research, 14, 49-65
     Anyone have these papers?
     your reply will be appreciated.
     zhang li
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