[Rasch] Units of measurement in the social sciences

Anthony James luckyantonio2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 04:26:34 EST 2007

Dear folks,
  Another dumb question...
  I'll be grateful for any comments.
  When we are talking about "units of measurement" in the physical sciences we are talking about some tangible things. (I avoide the word "concrete" because I know you don't like it in this context and argue that all measures are abstractions). However, I mean kilo or meter , for example, are understandable attributes that have a concerete existence. A "sample meter" ,i.e., a rod of 1 meter can be aligned with any object and count the number of alignments. Or we can put some potatos on the pan of a scale and put enough weaights on the other pan until the beam is balanced. 
  1. How does the Rasch model make this "sample meter" or the one-kilo weight to compare the performance of the students against?
  2. Whose performance  is considered as the unit and how is it constructed?
  3. What's the defenition of a logit?

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