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> Hi Paul.
> Paul: Has it never occurred to you what the development of 
> the concept of the neural net - and connectionism - actually 
> kickstarted? Neural nets are "old hat" now - and have been 
> incorporated into the greater field of "soft computing" and 
> the development of many new "autonomous agent" and 
> decision-support systems.
> Steve: Has it occurred to me? I simply don't agree it 
> "kickstarted" such things.

Hello Stephen, whether you agree or not, one fact at least seems to be
very clear: 

>From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ...

"Connectionism is a movement in cognitive science which hopes to explain
human intellectual abilities using artificial neural networks (also
known as 'neural networks' or 'neural nets'). Neural networks are
simplified models of the brain composed of large numbers of units (the
analogs of neurons) together with weights that measure the strength of
connections between the units. These weights model the effects of the
synapses that link one neuron to another. Experiments on models of this
kind have demonstrated an ability to learn such skills as face
recognition, reading, and the detection of simple grammatical


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